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Sunshade fabric material

Oct 16, 2017


Pongee is also called PG, belongs to the level of uv protection umbrella cloth, umbrella cloth thicker, high density, high prices, uv protection effect is better.

Nylon fabric

Elastic nylon, also known as nylon, umbrella cloth is better, wear-resisting, but the shading effect is not ideal, only with silver rubber or pearl color rubber have the UV resistant effect.

Black tape

Black tape uv radiation performance is good, stable and not easy to fall off, the shading of the insulating the at the same time, the price is more populist, cost-effective.

Polyester cloth

Common umbrella basic it is this kind of fabrics, embroidered embroidery, hollow out, gauze, delicate and pretty, cheaper prices, but unfortunately not durable and does not prevent bask in.

When you choose and buy sunshade cloth fabric, had better choose lighting strike uv protection effect is good, generally in more than 35 yuan, as the price is too cheap umbrella sunscreen effect is questionable, because a qualified, uv protection umbrella, cost at least $20. Vinyl sun umbrella also is right choice, the performance-to-price ratio is high, prices are populist and anti-uv effect is not weak. In addition the porosities of umbrella cloth is also very important, under the same fabric, fabric density more firm, the light transmittance of the lower, the less they shined through umbrella of ultraviolet (uv) light.

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