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Sun umbrella selection guide

Jul 24, 2015

Sunscreens on the market this summer, UV protection umbrellas ' favor. When choosing a UV protection umbrella, consumers should know its characteristics, in order to find an umbrella from the appearance of the quality is satisfactory.

1, see appearance: in addition to previous prints, square, solid-color suit design, UV protection Sun umbrella this summer introduced cartoons, pastels, and other fashion designs.

Color depth does not affect UV resistance, testing found that has little effect on the protective umbrella color, color umbrella umbrella and color depth indicators such as UV-b transmission of same.

2, selected surfaces: matte glossy UV protection Sun umbrella and two. Glossy umbrella dominates in the market looked pretty lively; matte production process is relatively complex, prices are expensive, looks unassuming, give the impression of a subtle poise.

3, and choose the umbrella: in addition to the usual bar-type-and 30 percent, anti-UV umbrella has introduced a 40 percent, more convenient to carry. Umbrella umbrella large proportion in the production cost, bought an umbrella to take the pick when the umbrella.

4, UV protection Sun umbrella Silver: Silver UV protection Sun umbrella after a period of use, due to the wind and silver plastic will be part of the Peel, especially the parts in contact with umbrella is more obvious.

If silver colloid coating creates mottled phenomenon, affecting the appearance than choose a silver coating on the inside, which are difficult for flaking will not affect the appearance.