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Sun Shade Canopy Cover Umbrella Car

Dec 29, 2017

  1. Folding and Portable: The car umbrella automatic folding structure is smart and stable which ensures every single action accurately and smoothly. 90cm in length after folded up in a storage bag and 5.5kg in weight, without any extra burden to your trunk

  2. Easy to mount and fast to open: It takes 30 seconds to install and 8 seconds to open with a wireless remote control

  3. Unfolding Size: 90x165 inches / 2300x4200mm, over 30 centigrade lower than cars exposed under the sun after the tent has been opened

  4. Multifuction Car Protection: The big umbrella surface can protect cars from Dust, Acid Rain, Bird Dropping, Deciduous etc.

  5. Windproof Design: The four windproof rope with hook in the four corners ensure the stability of the Car Umbrella