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Shared umbrellas are propped up by public bike suppliers, and IT factories are the future.

Mar 05, 2018

In the second half of 2017, the sharing umbrella market, which was sung by the industry, revealed the good news that many companies had completed tens of millions and millions of financing. For the news, Mr. Fang, the chairman of farina technology, a public bicycle system, is not surprised: "this is not surprising, because it has commercial space in its own right. Especially as the solution becomes clearer today, its value is not in doubt.


Thought of technical background image of entrepreneurs is very rigid, but first France, the new science and technology, chairman of the house out, give a person a kind of funny but sedate feeling, and the image is slightly out of the vision, before may be due to the high-tech fields, to be the cause of the technology market to have a keen insight.

Ruina technology from the method's main areas of public bicycle before talking to the emerging things share the umbrella, gradually constructed out more up, for the current China's share market situation, he thought, sharing the presence of the product is reasonably, as long as keep green environmental protection, convenient and practical beginner's mind, down-to-earth, do things will certainly hold up sharing economy of tomorrow.


With gradually accumulated in the field of public bicycle systems technology foundation, by the end of 2017, under the guidance of housing tao, method ruina technology research and development team has developed a mature Shared umbrella systems and equipment, to become the world's Shared product research and development production base, the program also from domestic market to international markets.

But no matter what the future of the Shared umbrella is, businesses need to keep their feet on the ground, and there's nothing wrong with that.