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How to repair broken self-opening umbrella

Oct 19, 2017

Umbrella, umbrella wholesale market now especially umbrella, advertising and advertising umbrella, umbrella, sun umbrella has changed from pursuing practical to the pursuit of fashion, become people especially women's accessories, inevitably appear problem, mostly small trouble, throw away feel quite a pity, here to teach you how to repair the umbrella.


1. The umbrella and the pole separation. Automatic open umbrella because of the spring elasticity, make the fixed pin was broken, umbrella, separating from the bar.

Repair method:

1) replace T pin, according to the appearance of the original pin, using the flat iron a change on the file. On the pin when loading the first section of the umbrella pole orientation within convex hit flat, install the pin on the circular hole on both sides of the handle bar, and then promote the umbrella pole to make it crossed convex terrier, put inside the convex terrier reduction, closed up her umbrella click start at this moment, can block open umbrella, automatic shine. No longer separation will repair success after repeated several times.

(2) with a mm diameter wire, with reference to the same, folding a T bend pin, can also be substituted. Pay attention to bend to the clamping, the pin screw groove can't more than 1 word, otherwise when they open the umbrella have resistance. ?