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RainieUmbrella is a brand new brand new to the British fashion

Mar 12, 2018

RainieUmbrella is an umbrella group of hermes, chanel and dior, which has always been favored and sought after by white-collar beauty and fashion people. RainieUmbrella has a new batch of fashionable new products in the market recently, and we have got the fashion blockbuster of new products. Now let's enjoy it with you!


Beautiful diamond handle, dressed in a chanel suit of elegant girl, instantly feel high-end atmosphere level!


It's just the shape of the handle, and the pink spiral is a bit like a snail, the exterior pink blingbling diamond, which explains the understated luxury.


Gently shake the handle of the diamond, and look at the elegant black umbrella and blossom into a red dahlia. The black and red color matching interpretation of young and lively brilliance. Summer is coming, there is such a sunny rain umbrella, even sun protection is done very beautiful.


Women like the three-fold umbrella, and the shape of the straight handle is more masculine, powerful and domineering for an elegant gentleman. Classic black creates elegant gentleman's mystery.


If the previous fashion blockbuster is the product of RainieUmbrella, it's a brand culture. Rainie designers pass products like people to the warmth and romance of the light luxury protection. Rainie brand is Rain (Rain), I like (I enjoy)! Abbreviations. Noble and elegant, the two people who pay attention to the quality of life enjoy the happiness and love brought by the companionship.

A few fashion blockbusters have seen the founders of RainieUmbrella in their hearts. RainieUmbrella designed and developed the light luxury quality of the research and development staff. They focused on absorbing the essence of French elegance, integrating western classics into Oriental aesthetics, and finding the best balance in pragmatism. It is suitable for a variety of people to pursue the quality of life, and stand the test of time and tide. It's like our love is like RainieUmbrella.

RainieUmbrella is only original, to restore light and luxurious life for the small crowd. RainieUmbrella is not just an umbrella, but a love token of identity and quality. Bless the world of lovers all have love, some expectations!