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Parasol bask in effect how long is the period of validity?

Oct 25, 2017


  1.choose according to purpose the sun umbrella

Sun umbrella according to classification is actually has two kinds: one kind is prevented bask in black with reflection ultraviolet function, is a kind of sunshine proof has a higher rate of shading. The former is suitable for people don't want to tan, the latter is suitable for the eyes and bright light but people who are not afraid of suntan, therefore, to buy an umbrella when the sun will be according to their own needs to buy. If you don't want to let oneself tan, will try to choose high uv reflectance of the sun umbrella.

      2.pay attention to the sun umbrella uv reflection processing

In principle, the dark material compared to the sun umbrella sun umbrella uv light materials through less likely, but if taken good processing way, people can choose different color according to his be fond of sun umbrellas, need not constrained by dark sun umbrella.

    3. internal color, focus on the sun umbrella

A lot of people buy the sun umbrella all care about the color of the outside look, but the color of the sun umbrella inside also is closely linked with its efficacy. If the sun umbrella inside is shiny, light color, it is easy to assemble ultraviolet reflection from the ground, people even under the sun umbrella, that may be tan. Therefore, afraid of tan people choose the sun umbrella, should pay attention to choose interior is black or purple blue color such as dark products.

    4.hot material choice is not easy to set

Generally made of materials like silk or linen sun umbrella can isolate the heat of the sun outside the umbrella, umbrella of the people is not easy to feel hot, in addition, thick material and double sun umbrella also has good heat insulation effect, more worth to buy. Instead, chemical fiber and polyester fiber material made of sun umbrella is not easy to heat, an umbrella on such a walk in the sun will be particularly hot, buy should pay attention to oh!

An umbrella sun umbrella using tips: do not use more than three years

Sun umbrella in the sun every day to accept the baptism of the sun, over time the material will have certain wear and lead to low uv reflectance gradually. No matter how careful you deposit in the sun umbrella, sun umbrella's life also only 2 to 3 years, want to let the sun umbrella exert its effect, don't always use the old umbrella, once in the shelf life of the sun umbrella, don't hesitate to change a new umbrella!