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Newbrella twisting umbrella

Mar 16, 2018

The storage of the straight handle is always a problem for us, because the handle of the handle and the surface of the table are too little, making it easy to slip off. It is easy and easy to store, but it is not as strong as a straight handle. You don't want to get wet in the office or head to a party.

The flexible design of the newbrella torsion umbrella handle increases the contact area with the desktop, which can be securely attached to any plane object and won't slip easily. When you travel on a sunny day, you can twist the handle of the torsion umbrella into a ring on your backpack, and it won't fall off easily even if you do it again. If it rains, take your torsion umbrella and go where you want to go. It will not be a burden to you.

About Newbrella torsion umbrella:

We are five old classmates who read the design. Although we are not in the design industry after graduation, we have no intention to talk about the products we care about at each party. One of the students often takes a 4-year-old son out for a trip. The son doesn't like to wear a raincoat, while the children's umbrella on the market "well, you know"! He wanted to do a practical and fun for the son of an umbrella, the simple idea that we this a few enthusiastic about design and creativity is still old man "irrational", we quickly into the seemingly without too much commercial value of the product design work. After several months of design and development, we completed the first generation of torsion umbrella. Because there is no industrial production experience, the first generation of twisting, umbrella is not satisfactory, but we are because of the crazy trying to not return to normal and for a long time, let us in the heart of that kind of dissatisfaction and input into the design research and development, the second generation of twisting, umbrella and select the startup again, stable work, set up the studio, in the face of many a friend's house people confused and opposition, we had started to devote an umbrella!