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Matters needing attention after use of umbrella

Mar 05, 2018

The new umbrella should not be shelved for a long time, so as not to be stored too long and brittle. After the umbrella is used, do not fold the water, should open the umbrella, use the soft cloth to dry the inside and outside the umbrella, the umbrella, hanging in the ventilated place to dry, then close the umbrella, put away. In order to make the next use, namely can make the life extension of the umbrella, will not rust, the corrosion, also convenient to use later.

In addition, the sun umbrella also should be wiped clean, dry, the room temperature is down for a while, then put away again, can not get very hot to put away, so easy to make the umbrella face aging, brittle, fragile. Try not to in the hot sun exposure. After accidentally dirty at ordinary times, must be timely clean, don't wait for a long time to wipe again, such both neither are easy to wipe, also the maintenance of the umbrella, can shorten the life of the umbrella

When the umbrella is wet, it should be dried in a timely manner, and the movement should be eased when it is opened or closed, and the joints (hinge parts) should be smooth.
The nylon umbrella should be protected from ash and spark, so as not to burn the surface of the umbrella.
The plastic umbrella should avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid aging.

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