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Japanese Young Ladies Umbrellas For Sale

Dec 20, 2017

The "World Party" company has long emphasized the "design" of umbrellas and the umbrella as a "fashion item." Recently, popular folding umbrella with a beautiful umbrella bag. The main target group for this umbrella is Japan's young women, which are designed to awaken young women "to enjoy life" so that they can happily go to get off work on a rainy day. Although this folding umbrella is made in China, most of the locals are cheap and simple-designed umbrellas. There are very few umbrellas that are as functional and well-designed as in Japan, so Japanese folding umbrellas are very popular.

"The World Party president, Nakamura, also said:" Chinese women were not the main targets in the past. However, as the domestic market shrinks, more attention will be paid to the Chinese market in the future. "