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James Smith & Son

Mar 28, 2018

James Smith & Son has been a top umbrella manufacturer since 1830, unlike Swaine Adeney Brigg, a maker of top-end umbrellas that has not been involved in other products. And because it is only an umbrella, the scale is larger (for British umbrellas only), the variety is complete, from the whole custom to the ordinary folding umbrella has been all kinds of walking sticks. There are many handles made of hand-made wood carving, and of course the work of the carving is not comparable to that of China. The store, by the way, also USES rosewood as an umbrella, but it's expensive.

The first time I saw this shop in London, I was surprised to find that an umbrella shop had four floors. James Smith & Son is one of the ten most valuable traditional shops in London.

Small review: personal overall feeling James Smith & Son style tend to be traditional, of primitive simplicity is bold and even the country, with more manual trace, if want to buy a top umbrella or avoid buying a carved wooden umbrella head, although the belt umbrella handle carving is very famous, in part because carver than China's, the other aspects of the gentleman umbrella most low-key, with animal carvings of the umbrella is a bit loud modelling, so buy buy James Smith & Son of high-grade umbrella (umbrella) Solid know-how. Because it is the UK's most adhering to the traditional, professional system umbrella family, cheap umbrella, though less than 100 pounds, but high-grade umbrella is 525 pounds, so I can't because there are so many intermediate umbrella and rustic style and lower rank, so the second

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