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Identify the difference between a sun umbrella and an umbrella

Mar 21, 2018

In our daily life, we may often have this confusion: can a sun umbrella be used as an umbrella? Can an umbrella protect against ultraviolet rays? In fact, there is a difference between umbrellas and umbrellas.

First of all, from the material, the sun umbrella is made of polyester fabric, Oxford cloth or canvas, in which polyester fabric is the best anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion property, and it is also relatively cheap in price. The umbrellas are made of polyester fabric, PG cloth, nylon, transparent plastic and black glue layer fabric. In this respect, the biggest difference between umbrellas and umbrellas is that the umbrellas of the sun have a membrane covering the ultraviolet rays, while the umbrellas do not.

In addition, in terms of function, the sun umbrella is mainly used to resist the excessive ultraviolet rays in the sun's rays and prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on human skin. The umbrella is used to protect the body and clothing from wind and rain.
There are also differences in the production process. The design of the sun umbrella is mainly for the selection of uv protection materials, while the umbrella is considered more waterproof. In addition, the sun umbrella works relatively fine, in the visual aesthetic is also better than the umbrella.

So can umbrellas be used as umbrellas? Of course not. The sunscreen coating on the sun's parasol is designed to protect against ultraviolet rays, which can be damaged once it has been caught in the rain. Once or twice, it won't all go away, but it will also weaken the sunscreen. If often be washed by the rain water, the coating will be lost gradually, do not have the effect of sun protection. The umbrellas are not covered with uv rays because they are made, so they do not absorb the uv rays. Of course, there are also clear umbrellas on the market right now, but this kind of umbrella has a weak shading effect and a general effect on sun protection. People can choose the right umbrella according to the weather conditions in their area.