Identify anti-ultraviolet solar umbrella function

Identify anti-ultraviolet solar umbrella function

Mar 13, 2018

In the hot summer outside travel is indispensable is the ultraviolet ray sun umbrella, the hand holds the ultraviolet sun umbrella to be able to walk around at will.
There are several ways to identify the uv protection of the sun umbrella.

1. The surface material of uv protection sun umbrella: cotton, silk and nylon fabric are not as good as polyester;
2. Some uv sun umbrellas are thin and thin, and it is best to choose fabric tightly;
3. The satin fabric is the best on the sunproof sunshade, followed by twill and plain; ,
4. It should not be too small to protect against uv rays;
5.The darker the fabric, the better. There is also a solar umbrella with a layer of silver glue on it to block ultraviolet rays.


Via four arrange specialized in uv sun umbrella recommendation, silver on the surface of the rubber protective effect is good, but after sun's easy to get the black, in fact, silver glue coating umbrella inside or outside in the sun does not affect the effect of sunscreen, had better choose silver glue inside, not easy to fall off, a qualified uv sun umbrella, need through the special coating processing, uv protection effect will be better. Warm and small hint: the sun protection coating of rain to sun umbrella has corrosive action, in order to maintain the sun protection of ultraviolet sun umbrella, must separate it with umbrella. If the umbrella is dirty, can use soft brush dip in clean water gently scrub, and can not be rubbed by hand, and not too often, otherwise also can affect the sun protection effect.