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How To Chose Anti-UV Umbrella?

Dec 20, 2017

1, light shielding material layer

In simple terms, the sun protection effect of the glue layer can be selected based on the following conclusions:

Vinyl> Color plastic> Silver plastic> No glue> Lace hollow cloth

Multilayer adhesive> Single layer glue> No glue layer

Dark (black, navy, red)> light color

2.UPF values 

UPF values generally from 0 to 50, for the sunscreen effect, of course, the higher the better. An UPF of 30 sunscreens, can reach 95% of the UV filter, which is the most basic standard of sunshade.

3, fabric

Umbrella fabrics commonly used in the market are: special cotton, PG cloth, polyester, color tape, mercerized cloth, pearl plastic, silver tape, nylon cloth. Among them, to meet the needs of sunscreen fabrics are: PG cloth, polyester, colored plastic, silver plastic, pearl plastic.