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How much do you know about the fabric classification of the umbrella?

Feb 05, 2018

Polyester fibre
The characteristic of the tapetum cloth is: the color is more gorgeous, put the umbrella fabric on the hand knead, the crease is obvious, not easy to restore. When the fabric is rubbed, there will be resistance, and there will be a rustling sound. Apply a layer of silver glue on dacron, it is what we commonly say is silver glue umbrella, the function that silver glue cloth prevents ultraviolet ray is relatively good, but use time is long, fold place silver glue is easy to break away. On polyester coated with a layer of silver powder, which is what we usually call the pearl cloth umbrella, the color of the pearl cloth is more colorful, the women love, but the sun uv effect is not ideal.


PG cloth
PG cloth is also called bump cloth, high - density touch cloth is a new type of cloth. PG has the following characteristics: the color is matte, dark. Feel like cotton, cloth is blocking light, PG cloth cost is higher, but the degree of uv protection function, quality stability, the grade of the color is more ideal, is a good umbrella cloth, general PG cloth used in high-grade umbrella.

Nylon cloth is also a high-grade variety of the umbrella fabric, this kind of rain cloth has a bright color, and feels like silk on the hand, rubbing with the hand, the resistance is very small. But this kind of cloth has a weakness, the air humidity influence is bigger, the umbrella cloth shrinks more serious, sometimes even affects the normal opening and closing of the umbrella surface. So in our common umbrella fabric, not so much.

In recent years, transparent umbrellas have become popular, with their umbrellas made of POE or PVC plastic and some with various patterns and colors.
Black glue layer fabric.
Compared with other umbrella fabrics, black glue layer fabric has the following advantages: 1. 2. Cool, black glue layer fabrics made of sunshade can effectively cool in the sun for 3 to 5 ℃; 3. Strong uv protection, the umbrella available in the market for vinyl coating process or fabric quality is different, its real uv protection performance are also different, more convenient testing method is: the use of mobile phones on the flash lamp, sunshade fabric for use in the dark cases close to flash, look to whether have.
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