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Gentle Men Umbrella British Brand

Dec 21, 2017

"The Rolls Royce of las" was originally given to Swaine Adeney Brigg by a news media, and it was The only one that could reach The height of Rolls-Royce.

Rain gear manufacturers Thomas Brigg & Sons was founded in 1836, queen Victoria was obtained in 1893 issued by the royal certification, in 1943 merged with Swaine & Adeney, combined the brand name is that we see today Swaine Adeney Brigg.Today, it has a British royal certificate from prince Charles.

SAB umbrella is very low-key, you turn over its entire store, can't find any a grandiose commodity modelling, but these seemingly insignificant each umbrella is one of the top, all of them are with the finest timber, after more than one hundred handmade complex strict procedures, all adopt the umbrella, umbrella handle integration structure, can obviously feel tight when open handle.It is this kind of unchanging low profile and simplicity that enables SAB to take every umbrella to the utmost and carry the brand to the present day.