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Francesco Maglia

Mar 28, 2018

Francesco Maglia was an Italian family small business, and was founded very early, in 1853, in milan. In numerous Italian odds and ends of small workshops, small businesses survive one of the few to several, is also a more successful, it is to the fifth generation, now a fine old man long handsome, have a beautiful beard.

Francesco Maglia has more than the average British umbrella, and it has more materials, and they even use fabrics made of cotton, silk and wool. In addition, the color of the umbrella is also very rich.

Italian people are sometimes referred to as "mindlessness", which means to be natural, to love life, to be persistent but to be cute, and the joke of the second world war is widespread. Some umbrellas are more delicate than the British ones, but they don't always feel as elegant or low-key as the British do. Like Brigg's umbrella, it works matte, feels comfortable and looks comfortable, and these details determine the ranking.