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Doohickey of choose and buy the umbrella

Oct 23, 2017


Umbrella radian according to individual needs

Some umbrella umbrella surface radian is big, like a mushroom shape, suitable for single use, the umbrella is popular with European and American people, the wind resistance is better; Some small umbrella umbrella surface radian, rain range is larger, suitable for many people stay together, but the wind resistance is poor.

The umbrella is more sturdy

The stand or fall of umbrella, decide the quality of an umbrella. In the market umbrella, umbrella is 6 to 16 more, the more umbrella, the higher the wind resistance. If there is a finer umbrella and umbrella, and elastic thread support, umbrella is more stable.

Straight umbrella is more durable

Folding umbrella to receive and carry the upright umbrella is high, but considering the robustness, even from the same number of branches, the same material of straight umbrella and folding umbrella, straight umbrella durability will be higher than folding umbrella, fold, because folding umbrella need umbrella and umbrella cloth gap is larger, easier to wreck by windy.

Turn to the top of umbrella see fit

Straight umbrella, for example, an umbrella up to plastic or metal, plastic canopy top after long-term and easy to crack; Metal dome if no dry is easy to rust. When the choose and buy, can use finger to turn slightly, if can be rotating, it means the poor density, easy to fall off. If a metal ring are still under the umbrella hat, called array dai li, also can turn the array dai li, look to whether solid.

To finally put the umbrella

Open the umbrella, midway through the main umbrella with his left hand, right hand holding the umbrella handle, right hand applying rotating umbrella, first clockwise and anti-clockwise, repeatedly, so can know whether handles and umbrella is strong

Folding umbrella smoked pull to try

Main umbrella stuck folding umbrella fear most, when the choose and buy the best try several more of smoked pull main umbrella. Smoked pull when feeling smooth, better the quality of the umbrella, don't buy if feel stuck.

In addition, when the choose and buy umbrellas, had better choose bright colors, such as yellow. Yellow strong visibility and easy to attract the attention of drivers, to ensure the safety of the children to walk. In addition, the blind should choose and buy yellow umbrella umbrella below.