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Design case-rainbow umbrella

Oct 18, 2017



            Rainbow umbrella

French customer requirement, we designed a distinctive 

umbrella,this is a can predict the weather of umbrella,

we in order to achieve this wonderful idea provides the consummate craft, skilled skilled will intelligent 

electronic and crafts cleverly mix together, make the 

umbrella developed successfully The unique shape and the function of the intelligence to predict the weather,

welcome by our customers


Handle built-in induction equipment

Umbrella handle internal temperature, pressure, humidity, temperature and light sensors, attention to the surrounding environment, and through the low pressure technology transfer to your phone, let you always keep the surrounding environment changes.


        Special rainbow film design

Special rainbow film umbrella surface, different Angle can map out the different color, can let you in the rain can also become the brightest star in the crowd, fiber umbrella, although the light is strong, let you fear wind and rain, rainy days can also be elegant travel.