Description of type and characteristics of umbrella fabric

Description of type and characteristics of umbrella fabric

Feb 06, 2018

Touch attack cloth is a kind of man-made fiber, texture is soft, a dumb colour is not easy to reflective, like clothing fabrics, feel is good, and can resist heat bilges cold shrink, therefore they are widely used in the manufacture of umbrellas and umbrella.


Polyester fabric is a man-made fibre made of plastic. It has a hard texture, strong reflective cloth and good heat resistance. The inner layer can be added with a silver coating to enhance the shade, and the price is cheaper than hitting the cloth.
Nylon fabric is a kind of artificial fiber with soft feel, light cloth, reflective surface, thermal expansion and shrink ability, and the price is more expensive than touch cloth and polyester.

The color ding is also called sardine, and the Chinese is called five pieces of satin. This kind of cloth usually has a smooth and bright side. Take the market with light, soft, elastic and glossy. It is a new fabric with comfortable feeling, modern feeling and artistic feeling. It attracts customers with its attractive charm and is widely used in high-grade umbrella cloth.

Pearlescent cloth is a kind of polyester fabric with reflective effect, with a little bit of reflective grain on the surface, which seems to have the luster of pearl. When the light is sufficient, show off dazzling, prevent ultraviolet ray effect is good.

Silver tape is a kind of polyester, but it is high in polyester. The essence is to apply a layer or layer of silver glue on the fabric, which has the effect of shading and radiation protection. Silver glue cloth has strong uv resistance, and silver glue coated umbrellas are better than those of pearl glue coating. They are cheap and cheap, but their disadvantages are: poor quality and easy to fall off.

Color rubber cloth is a kind of colored tape, but the color is darker than that of the pearl, and the cloth is thicker than silver, which is the high-end anti-ultraviolet fabric, and the price is relatively high.

Black adhesive cloth refers to the black adhesive cloth, also is high-end anti - ultraviolet fabrics, the price is also higher.
Ultra-fine pure cotton: pure cotton has good moisture absorption and permeability; Soft cloth; The hand feels soft but not smooth, ultra fine pure cotton cloth is the cotton cloth with fine grain, guarantee the opaque nature of umbrella cloth.
Cold cream silk cooling cloth that we often say, is to add new fibers made of uv additive clay, uv protection effect is very good, can cover penetration of less than 10% of the ultraviolet ray, also can reduce 3-5 degrees temperature, the body feel more cool.

To sum up, the sunscreen effect of umbrella is roughly classified:
1) cold cream silk/cooling cloth, colored tape, black tape;
2) ultrafine pure cotton cloth, touching cloth, pearlescent cloth, tinting cloth, polyester fabric;
3) silver tape.