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Considerations for selecting large Sun umbrella

Jul 24, 2015


1, and large Sun umbrella main is fixed in ground Shang of, and cannot handheld of, quality of Sun umbrella has anti-UV, wind, anti-rain of role, Sun umbrella of fabric main is with Oxford cloth, polyester LUN fabric, variety coated silver fabric has anti-UV and anti-rain function, big of Sun umbrella more have has is strong of anti-wind capacity, so this Mall of umbrella sat used has lime or more iron block,.

2, and umbrella column General are with aluminum, and stainless steel, and iron and so on several material made, certainly also has wood quality of, but wood quality of now market Shang is rare has because easy broken, price cost also relative compared high, currently up see of is iron of, but iron of is easy rust, this will see this umbrella spray of patent leather good bad, certainly select Sun umbrella should select more rough of, fine of anti-wind capacity poor, certainly aluminum and stainless steel of is best select one of, that not rust and pit wind capacity good.

3, and of course choice UV umbrella's fabric, umbrella a bitthicker than thinner is better, Oxford cloth and polyester and other fabrics are generally, polyester is quite appropriate inmany fabrics, various aspects of comparative advantage.