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how to cleaning Sunshade ?

Oct 24, 2017


If it is not in the case of must, don't wash the sun umbrella. If must be clean, had better use the umbrella surface water, and try not to get the umbrella stand, the water to avoid rust umbrella stand. And, of course, there is a good idea, just don't want to buy a light color of the umbrella, they don't often clean. And dark umbrella uv protection function is relatively light color umbrella!

There is a solution: to do a cleaning fluid for sunshade. Just white vinegar and detergent cleaning fluid, be sure to choose not containing alkaline detergent. To prepare a disposable paper cups. Materials ready. First is the detergent, detergent into disposable paper cup, detergent as long as it didn't cup bottom is ok. Next is the white vinegar, pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the cup. Remember is half a cup, and the other half of the remaining 40 degrees of warm water to fill. Around 40 degrees into the cup into the warm water, warm water is to add white vinegar and scour, with warm water to full integration, can be more powerful. Modulation good detergent, we use a brush dipped in liquid detergent sunshade.

Also remind is, brush along the umbrella stand vertically when you need to brush, and direction should remain consistent, not for a moment and longitudinal brush, and brush sideways for a while. That will put the umbrella sunscreen destroy. In addition we choose do not contain alkaline detergent, but also because such a detergent can not only wash away the stain on the umbrella, also won't hurt umbrella sunscreen. White vinegar, can make the fabrics of this umbrella to keep the original luster, coupled with the harmonic 40 degrees of warm water, detergent and vinegar of the decontamination effect will be stronger. Will brush the surface, the umbrella we need to wash clean.

Must be completely clean! Otherwise umbrella dry, the surface will leave traces of detergent. Then wash the umbrella in the shade to dry.