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Choose an ultraviolet sun umbrella - five look

Mar 08, 2018

1)Look at the fabric. 

The fabric with thick cloth is better than thin anti-ultraviolet performance, and the anti-ultraviolet effect of cotton, silk, nylon and viscose is poor, while polyester is better. In addition, the color of anti-ultraviolet performance is better, and satin weave is the best, followed by twill and plain.

2)Look at the pattern. 

In addition to the previous printing, square, solid color patterns, this summer has introduced cartoon design. The test found that the color of the umbrella had little effect on the protection effect.

3)Look at the shine. 

Anti - uv solar umbrella has two kinds of gloss and luster. A glossy umbrella looks pretty and lively; The price of unburnished umbrella is expensive, give a person a kind of implicit and sedate impression.

4)Look at the umbrella bones. 

In the cost of production of umbrellas, the proportion of umbrellas is larger. When buying an umbrella, pay attention to the umbrella bone and quality.

5)Look at silver glue.

 After a period of time, the silver glue will be partially peeled off, especially the contact with the umbrella bone. If silver glue coating is outside, can cause the phenomenon of mottled, affect appearance, better choose silver glue coating inside the umbrella inside.