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Children's umbrellas enrich our childhood

Mar 08, 2018

Unique cartoon style, gorgeous color fairy tale, modern design concept, reflected into handfuls of love grow delicate umbrellas in the rain, no matter you seven old eighty, or in the prime of life, be permeated with the youth, when the umbrellas greets you, it will be recalled childhood young and ignorant you have hold up an umbrella. Under the umbrella, you are carefree, curious and playful, spinning around the handle of the umbrella, like to listen to the sound of bubbles under the umbrella. I like to keep my small umbrella high against the warm sun, and I like to use my umbrella as a prop to play various roles in TV series.

Memory wakes, homework problems, job stress, the burden of physical or emotional, let's also imagine child, buy a feeling umbrellas in the rain, the occasional indulgence, retain childlike innocence, not belong to oneself, also pleasure for the next generation.

Children's umbrella, enriched our childhood, added to our life of the children, with our undying childlike innocence.