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Best Quality Umbrellas Made Of Malacca white cane

Dec 21, 2017

Swaine Adeney Brigg this brand was founded in 1750, has always been the past dynasties royal umbrella supplier, not only make the world's top umbrella, also for Rolls-Royce, bentley and other automakers manufacturing luggage.The brand was originally created by the Swaine Adeney, which makes leather goods, and Brigg's umbrella, so you'll only have Brigg's logo on top of your umbrella.

Brigg's umbrella only has a luxury grade, starting at 285 pounds, which is just a nylon umbrella, and the silk umbrella needs to add another 330 pounds.

Brigg umbrella only luxury grade, not cheap products, its representative work is the malacca cane made umbrella handle, other also include oak, ebony, cherry wood, walnut, etc material of the umbrella.