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Analysis of the selection of large solar umbrellas

Mar 09, 2018

Selection of large solar umbrellas:
Large solar umbrellas generally refer to non-hand-held solar umbrellas, which are mainly used on the ground. High quality large sun umbrella should have uv protection at the same time, function of rain and high winds, choosing the umbrella best choice silver cloth umbrella surface, because the silver layer can reflect most of the ultraviolet ray, it also has the function of waterproof, second is to choose a relatively dense twill, plain weave cloth umbrella surface.


The anti-wind ability of large solar umbrellas is determined by the main umbrellas, umbrellas and umbrellas. The umbrellas are usually made of iron, cement, marble and water injection. There are five kinds of umbrellas - wood, iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and new composite materials. The wood technology is complex, the cost is high, easy to damage, the market is rare; Have a combination of high strength, no distortion, no rust, the advantages of strong wind resistance, and a reasonable price due to the material performance size can do a lot of advantages, which is able to produce, there are few manufacturers and market difficult to buy, can choose such a not afraid of the wind the sun umbrella is the best.

 In short, the wood material is easy to be damaged, the solar umbrella of the iron umbrella bone is cheap, the solar umbrella of aluminum alloy and stainless steel material is high, the solar umbrella of the composite material is a great anti-wind.

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