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Analysis and forecast of China's shared umbrella industry in 2017

Nov 27, 2017

With the rapid development of network business information sharing economy, sharing, sharing, sharing bicycle charging treasure umbrella and sharing new form introduced gradually, with the continued growth of the sharing economy, the assistant enterprises to develop more diverse business forms, promote the development of the industry.

Shared umbrella financing events


The umbrella industry is going to break out

According to the relevant data show that in 2016 China share size and forecast users in 2016 China sharing an umbrella umbrella, the user scale has reached 1 million 300 thousand people, at present, Chinese sharing effect is limited by geography and climate umbrella and other factors, but as capital continued into the market, will further expand the scale, is expected in 2017 China sharing umbrella size or super user 4 million, the growth rate of over 200%, 269.2%.


Product model of shared umbrella

At present, the mainstream mode of sharing umbrella products in China is "pile" and "no pile" two kinds.

The pile is the main representative products for sharing an umbrella umbrella, JJ umbrella and magic sesame credit, the user needs to scan the code in the terminal equipment, pay the deposit can be used after the umbrella, while time to pay, this kind of product loss rate is relatively low, but users need to find the terminal after the return.

The main representative products shared with umbrellas are shared e umbrellas. Users only need to scan two-dimensional codes, pay deposits and rents, and have no fixed terminal devices, which can be returned everywhere.