Auto Open Beautiful plastic Handle Lady Umbrella

Beautiful Umbrella, Rain Umbrella, Lady straight Umbrella manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Manual Open plastic Handle hight quantity Umbrella,Light Pink Lover's Umbrella for girl ,Princess Pink Kids Umbrella, Sized 23-Inch X 8k and so on.

Product Details
TOP Umbrella Co.,Ltd is a professional China Straight Umbrella factory. Welcome to wholesale auto open beautiful plastic handle lady umbrella products from us.


Product Detail

  1. Unique pagoda, rainy days can meet the girl beautiful wish you go out

  2.Candy color cloth by a lighting strike not only has a strong function of water proof

    and uv resistance, can also be part   of the fashionable outfit

  3. The design of the umbrella is not only strong, also can effectively resist the strong wind

Basic Info