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Excellent Products Make Life Graceful

Top Umbrella Co,Ltd has been manufacturing umbrellas since 2005.

Topumbrella with humanized design which brings life various colors is characterized by fashion, handiness, simplicity and good taste.Our products include patio、beach、golf、fishing and folding umbrella with a variety of shafts,frames,fabric and handles.

Umbrellas produced by Topumbrella  have won favors from top-class international partners with innovative design and excellent quality.like Lidl, Ferrari,  Armani, Hugo Boss...

The new above-65,000 square foot manufacturing base will become the creative magnetic source field of the brand going global.

Topumbrella  takes every seed falling into the ground as the starting point of re-innovating brand, deepening the reform with further creation for further promotion. Topumbrella will achieve an output value of 18 million US Dollar in the coming five years, endlessly creating wealth of life and making the brand cover the globe.

Topumbrella gives you a beautiful sky!